Welcome to my gallery of photos taken at the "Opera at the Mines - I Pagliacci".

Can I thank all those who allowed me to take your photo - it was a wonderful opportunity to capture a remarkable event and some young shining stars in full period costume.

As a serious photographer and father I am very concerned about the rights of those I photograph. This site is only available to those who have asked for the link and I am happy to provide it.

However I have no control over who has the link once I have provided it as the recipients have the right (and I hope do) to share the link with their family and friends.

So if you are a concerned parent and wish me to remove any photos please feel free to email me with the image numbers and I will remove them.


If you which to have a copy of a photo simply:

1. click on the photo you wish to download so you see only a single photo
2. hover over the image name above the picture
3. right - click and choose "Save File As"
4. Save the file to your computer.

Please note that the files are at least 4Mb in size. This is more than enough for an 8x10 print from a print store or Office Works. Any problems just drop me a line

Alternately I am happy to organise getting the prints done locally for you at cost +10%. I can get you a price if you let me know what you need.

I Pagliacci

Opera at the Mines

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